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Hunting regulations and maps

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The St. Johns River Water Management District participates in special hunting opportunities on its public lands in cooperation with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and the Florida Forest Service (FFS).

Visit the agencies’ websites to learn more:

Hunting is allowed on district lands that are within wildlife management areas (WMAs), small-game public hunting areas (PSGHAs), and federal National Wildlife Refuges. Hunting in these areas is regulated by the district, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS).

Hunting licenses, management area and state waterfowl permits may be purchased from county tax collectors, license agents, at on the Internet or by telephone at (888) 486-8356. A no-cost Migratory Bird Permit is available when purchasing a hunting license. This permit is required when hunting for ducks, geese, coots, common moorhens, rails, snipe, woodcocks, mourning doves or white-winged doves. Any waterfowl hunter 16 years or older must possess a federal duck stamp that is available where hunting licenses are sold, at most post offices or at

Each hunter on a WMA or PSGHA must have a valid Florida hunting license and appropriate permits and stamps. Public Small-Game Hunting Areas on district lands are limited to waterfowl and snipe hunting only. Click on the WMA or PSGHA name below for a link to the hunting brochure for that property. The brochure explains the required permits for each of the WMAs and PSGHAs.

Following are WMAs and PSGHAs on lands owned and managed by the district. For additional information, call 386-329-4404. Updated on 6-2-2017.

Following are WMAs on lands owned by the district, but managed by another agency. For additional information, see the contact information associated with that property. Updated on 6-2-2017.


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