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Feb. 17, 2017

Annual Water Use Survey graph


Message from the Executive Director

Tracking water use ensures accountability to the public

Each year District staff collect, verify, process and store more than 8 million measurements of the region’s water resources. Collecting and recording this data is required by Florida law, but is also a passion of our staff to ensure water is preserved and protected.

Just how that water measurement work fits into the larger picture of the District’s work was provided in an overview earlier this week to the District’s Governing Board, using the Consumptive Use Permitting Program as an example. A key component of the permitting program is to ensure those using the water are doing so in an efficient manner.

We provide the water use numbers to the public in the Annual Water Use Survey, which the District has published each year since 1978. We want you, the public, to know what we are doing and what the permittees are doing to use and conserve water. The annual report shows water use from approximately 96 percent of permitted groundwater allocations across the District’s 18 counties is measured and reported to the District and verified by state-of-the-art science. These surveys assess both metered and estimated total water use, with data arranged by source, category of use and county. The report also shows that since 1978, water use has decreased by 3 percent despite an increase in Florida’s population of 185 percent.

The water use numbers are solid numbers. Every six months, permittees are required to submit monthly water use withdrawal data. Staff―and oftentimes third-party certifiers—thoroughly check the data for accuracy using updated, science-based methodologies. Also, permittees that use less than 100,000 gallons per day are required to measure their water use and maintain the records for District inspection.

The District’s consumptive use and water supply planning staffs have more than 2,000 years of combined experience in planning for Florida’s current and future water use. I am incredibly proud of the work these talented professionals do to ensure a sustainable water supply for future generations and to protect our environment. Thank you all for your continued dedication and hard work!

District, partners celebrate a cleaner Eau Gallie River

The district, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, state and local elected officials, and Indian River Lagoon protection advocates celebrated the commencement of muck dredging from the Eau Gallie River Feb. 16 at Ballard Park in Melbourne.

Read more…

Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive open on Presidents’ Day

The district’s popular wildlife drive at Lake Apopka is open on Presidents’ Day, Monday, Feb. 20.

Read more…

Event celebrates new recreation facilities at Lake Apopka North Shore

The district is hosting a Feb. 23 ribbon cutting to celebrate the opening of new recreational facilities at the Lake Apopka North Shore. The district partnered with Lake County to build the area, featuring an accessible kayak launch and boat ramp as well as new parking, restroom and picnic facilities.

Read more…

Little rain means water conservation and prescribed fire remain crucial

Over the past 12 months, rainfall has remained below average across the district, resulting in a districtwide rainfall deficit of almost 8 inches. A full report outlining rainfall totals was presented at the district’s Feb. 14 Governing Board meeting.

Read more…

District works to educate, inform stakeholders about water use in region

District staff presented an overview of the district’s Consumptive Use Permitting Program and methodologies used to estimate the total water use within the district at the Feb. 14 board meeting, the first of a series of informational presentations to correct recent published inaccuracies.

Read more…

This week in district social media

If you aren't following the district on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, here are some of the things you may have missed this week....

  • Thanks to district staffers Graham Williams, Ed Garland, Tiffany Cowie and Danielle Spears for submitting photos this week.
  • District staff recently found and repaired an unmarked artesian well flowing at the district’s Bayard Conservation Area, Clay County. The casing had begun to crumble on the well, believed to have been installed in the 1940s prior to district ownership. Shout out to district staffer John Lombardi and crew who quickly made repairs!
  • District staff assist with irrigation efficiency training in Alachua County today. #waterconservation #floridawaterstar
  • For #TrailTuesday, we featured the Clark Bay Conservation Area’s white blaze trail, a 5-mile round trip hike. For directions and a trail map, visit
  • For #WildlifeWednesday, we featured an osprey (Pandion haliaetus) eating a fish while perched in a tree. Ospreys are large birds of prey that can be found near bodies of water across the district.

Water conservation tip

Some older dishwashers use more than 11 gallons of water per load. If it's time to update your dishwasher, buy a newer model that uses less than 4 gallons.


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