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STEM and education

The St. Johns River Water Management District’s Blue School Grant Program provides up to $1,000 per teacher to enhance student knowledge of freshwater resources issues. Public and charter school teachers of grades 9 through 12 are eligible to apply.

Applications for the 2016–2017 school year are now available. The deadline to apply is Nov. 30, 2016. Notification for acceptance and denials will be via email by Dec. 12, 2016. See additional information on important deadlines. Grants are awarded based on available funding.

All interested applicants need to review the information on this web page learn more about the grant types, acceptable budget items, grant expectations, and other details.

Grant Types

Grants need to fit within one of the following types:

Type 1: Water quality field study

Type 2: Water-conserving garden project

Type 3: Community or school awareness campaign

Type 4: Freshwater resources field study program

Additional information on Type 4: Please see our list of approved field trip sites. Be sure to select an educational program provided at the site. Admission only will not be approved. Additionally, please note the approved counties in parentheses next to each program. Do not apply for a location if your county is not listed in parentheses beside it. A travel time of less than one hour each way is preferred. If you have a location or program in mind that isn’t listed, please email a description of it to Jennifer Mitchell at for approval.

Completing your application

Before completing a grant application, be prepared with the following:

Grant type: Review the grant types and associated details below. Select one grant type and plan your associated key concepts, activities and budget.

Classroom activities: All grant types are required to incorporate freshwater resources classroom activities even if the main component of your grant is a field trip or garden. This helps reiterate or introduce new concepts into the grant, expanding its educational value.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM): What STEM-related teaching strategies will be employed to actively engage students in water resources education?

Budget: Prepare your budget based upon the list of approved budget items provided for each grant type. Provide the quantity and estimated costs per item. If applicable, include shipping in the cost of each item. It is your responsibility to find the lowest cost for each item requested. It is also your responsibility to contact the locations on the pre-approved field trip list for pricing. Please review the list of items SJRWMD cannot pay for.

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